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When your water heater stops working, General Installation is ready to help. We are the oldest and largest service agent for water heaters in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our team of Los Angeles wholesale water heater technicians seeks to provide the same high-level, customer-oriented service that has marked our company since 1950. For four generations, we have been striving to maintain a sterling reputation in our community. All of our workers are factory trained and Los Angeles water heater repair team is proud to offer wholesale prices on most parts and appliances.

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Is Something Wrong with My Water Heater?

We understand that when your water heater stops working, you need quick service to get things up and running. Whether you own a restaurant, salon, market, or another commercial business, we can help you regain the hot water that is essential to your daily routines. We also service water heaters in large apartment complexes, where a broken unit may affect a large group of people. In most cases, a broken water heater can be repaired by replacing defective parts.

Some common issues with water heaters include:

  • A broken thermocouple
  • A glitching thermostat
  • A leaky pipe or tank
  • Sediment buildup in the tank
  • A worn-out temperature pressure relief valve

We may suggest replacing certain parts of the water heater, insulating the pipes, or replacing the entire heater if it is past its prime.

But, Can a Water Heater be Repaired?

Water heaters can be tricky to tell if it can be repaired or not. Storage tank water heaters are very reliable, but on occasion, they will have problems. If your water heater is suffering from a T&P valve leak, this is something that can be repaired, but if your water heater itself is leaking, it cannot be repaired but instead needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Below are listed a few common repairs that we can help you with,

  • No hot water -
    If you are experiencing no hot water, this could be due to your gas water heater's pilot light having gone out. If it's electric, check the thermostat and heating elements. If you still are having problems, please contact us for expert help.
  • Rusty or smelly water -
    Having rust colored water or even nasty smelling water, it can cause quite an alarm. This is because of either pipe corrosion or a bacteria build up and something that can be repaired by our expert water heater team.
  • Odd noises -
    If you are hearing strange noies come from your water heater, it's most likely just your water heater being a water heater. But, if you are hearing an excessive amount of noise, this could be because of a sediment build up at the bottom of the tank and it's causing the tank to overheat and boil the water. Call us for professional water heater help.
  • Leak around base of heater -
    This could just be a leaky or faulty T&P valve, which can be repaired quite easily or it could be that your water heater tank is leaking itself. If that is the case, call us for expert water heater replacement.

When Should I Call a Professional?

If your appliance is leaking, making strange noises, producing lukewarm water, running out of hot water quickly, or not producing any hot water at all, you need a trained technician to help. Also, call our Los Angeles water heater repair team if your water smells strange or is discolored when coming out of the faucet. If your water pressure seems lower than normal and is steadily decreasing, this may signify a problem with your heater. When you detect a problem, call immediately. Ignoring minor issues with your water heater may lead to bigger and more expensive repairs in the future. We provide expert service for residential as well as commercial water heaters in Los Angeles as well as reliable water heater parts.

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